Best places to eat at Heathrow Terminal 2

Are you looking to fill up before your flight from Heathrow Terminal 2? We’ve got the must-have info on all the top eateries at T2!

places to eat at heathrow terminal 2

Gone is the tired old Terminal 2; and in its place stands a gleaming vision of steel and glass!

T2: rebooted, is packed full of great restaurants and cafes so there’s no reason to wait until you get on the plane to eat; save yourself from plastic plane food and enjoy one of the many fantastic eateries that the new T2 has to offer.

There are a myriad of places vying for your attention once you make it through security; with a huge range on offer, including fancy fare from the likes of Heston Blumenthal and fast food without the fat factor; you will be spoilt for choice once you hit the departure lounge. Let us help you through the maze of options by giving you the low down on the best places to eat at Heathrow Terminal 2!

Before or after security?

places to eat at heathrow terminal 2

The fancy new departure lounge at T2

Queues at security can be huge, especially at peak times; so we recommended hot footing it through to the departure lounge as soon as possible. Airside is where you’ll find all the top picks too, so you can enjoy a leisurely feed before strolling to the gate, rather than watching the clock as you dine before stressing your way through security with only minutes to spare.

The best… 

For family feasts: Wondertree

places to eat at heathrow terminal 2

All-day eclectic dining at Wondertree

From their delicious breakfast menu right through to the specially designed kid’s choices; Wondertree makes for eclectic eating! Combining dishes from around the globe to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters, we suggest trying their black jack chilli beef quesadilla or delighting in a toffee banoffee popcorn sundae! Kick back, relax and enjoy the fun and lively atmosphere, or if you’ve got no time to spare, their counter café offers proper eating in a hurry.

Location: After security; here!

Opening hours: 5:00am to last departing flight daily

Contact: 020 8976 7720

Main menu

Kids menu

For healthy in a hurry: Leon

places to eat at heathrow terminal 2

Fresh and healthy is on offer at Leon

Super-hip chain Leon serves up fast food but not as you know it… Their breakfast poached egg pots and range of morning muffins make the perfect start to your day; or try a sustainable fish finger wrap, chargrilled chicken aioli hot box or a revitalising super food salad in the light and sunny surrounds. All their food is ethically sourced and they go to painstaking lengths to ensure ingredients are fresh and healthy, making this a top choice if you are food aware and looking to start you holiday on a health kick!

Location: After security, here!

Opening hours: 5am to last departing flight daily

Contact: 0787 6360 609

Leon menu

For something a little fancy: The Perfectionists’ Cafe

places to eat at heathrow terminal 2

Who could resist Heston’s grinning face?

Touching down at Heathrow Terminal 2 is the mad-scientist-meets-chef Heston Blumenthal’s first foray into airport eating; The Perfectionist’s Café! The perfect spot to spend some time before a flight if you’re after something exceptional; enjoy fantastic classic food served up fast. Tuck into a pizza from Heathrow’s first wood burning oven, followed up nicely by a super smooth treat from the nitrogen ice cream bar that’s just begging to be sampled!

Location: After security, here!

Opening hours: First to last departing flight daily

Main menu

For fresh food – fast: The Gorgeous Kitchen

places to eat at heathrow terminal 2

The masterminds behind The Gorgeous Kitchen

A cool collaboration between four female British chefs; The Gorgeous Kitchen aims to serve fresh, healthy and seasonal dishes all day long. From a seafood, pea and asparagus pie, to slow-cooked lamb with pea puree and Thai beef noodle salad, there really is a dish to tantalise all palates. There’s a kids’ menu, too, with faves including chicken, cod pieces and mini hamburgers.  If you’re looking to really indulge yourself; their afternoon tea is delicious and will get any holiday off to the perfect start.

Location: After security, here!

Opening hours: 5am to last departing flight daily

Menus: Here’s what’s on offer at the Gorgeous Kitchen

Main menu
Children’s menu
Drinks menu
Wine menu 

For laid-back lunching: La Salle

places to eat at heathrow terminal 2

This informal French style brasserie will whisk you off to the streets of Paris with its fabulous circular bar, beautiful décor and delicious menu full of classic French dishes with a modern twist; simple yet packed full of flavour. The whole menu is designed to make it from kitchen to table in just 15 minutes; making this a great choice if you want to enjoy a proper feed but don’t have hours to kill.

Location: After security, here!

Opening hours: 5.30am to last departing flight daily

For frothy coffees: Ca’puccino


Promising a culinary expedition around Italy; this stylish and elegant café serves up the best coffee in the terminal along with some seriously delicious food. Fresh and tasty sandwiches, pasta and pizzas are best when followed by a heavenly dessert; we recommend the divine Torta Caprese al limone, a lemon cake served with fresh fruit and cream, yum! Finish your meal off with a signature coffee and it won’t be hard to imagine you really are in Italy.

Location: After security, here!

Opening hours: 5am to last departing flight daily

Contact: 020 3696 2610

Main menu

…And the rest!

Not found what you’re looking for? Here’s a full list of all the restaurants, cafes and bars on offer at Heathrow Terminal 2:

Get off to a great start

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For a little added extra why not book a Terminal 2 hotel and parking package so you can wake up minutes from the airport rather than sitting in traffic queues with everybody else!

4 comments for “Best places to eat at Heathrow Terminal 2

  1. Candy
    September 6, 2015 at 8:39 am

    I completely agree terminal 2 sucks! Hate hate hate it. Sadly I’m heading there again today sigh

  2. Mr johal
    August 4, 2015 at 11:06 pm

    It’s all part off the holiday sweetie!!! One should kick back & relax grab a coffee and watch the world go by

  3. Anthony O'Toole
    June 24, 2015 at 4:42 pm

    Terminal 2 is a ghastly experience, as is the norm these days it looks like a huge greenhouse or garden centre but without the interests of a garden centre.

    There are no fast food outlets for frequent travellers, just upmarket South Kensington style poor value restaurants for those who seem to wish to stay in the airport for half a day, most of us just want to pass through as quick as possible.

    As for the shops in terminal 2, if up market bling is your forte you’ll do well here, the whole place is tacky beyond belief.

    T2 is well suited to this horrible airport.

    • Dean Lawrence
      July 31, 2015 at 11:07 pm

      Moan moan moan, It’s an airport for gods sake

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