VIP your trip from Stansted Airport

APH meet and greet StanstedFlying from Stansted Airport just got a whole lot easier with APH’s all-new meet & greet parking service we’ve launched with our trusted partner I Love Meet & Greet.

It’s also the only option where you can drive your car to the terminal and forecourt – without the need to search out a parking space. Simply pull up outside, hand your keys over to a uniformed chauffeur and head for the check-in desks – while your car’s parked for you.

You won’t need to be a lottery winner to join our exclusive party either – many of our VIP tips will actually save you cash. Sit back, read on – and prepare to be pampered like the star you are…

VIP airport experience

Research says negotiating your way through an airport can be more stressful than moving house – so book your APH Meet & Greet Stansted parking, follow our VIP tips – and let someone else take the strain for you. Here are our top tips to VIP your trip…

Meet & Greet airport parking at Stansted Airport

Meet and greet parking Stansted Airport

We now offer meet and greet parking at Stansted with partners I Love Meet & Greet

You won’t find celebrities queuing for the airport transfer bus at the local long-stay car park, so why not join the jet-set with APH’s all-new Stansted Airport Meet & Greet service. Simply drive straight to the terminal where you’ll be met by a chauffeur who’ll unload you bags before transferring your car directly to a security-controlled car park as you swerve the crowds and head straight to the check-in desks. It’s the celebrity service with the everyday price, so book your APH Meet & Greet Stansted here right now and let the good times roll. And don’t forget, this is the only Stansted Airport meet and greet service where you can drop off on the terminal forecourt.

Staycation before your vacation

Radisson Blu Hotel

Upgrade your trip with a pre-flight stop-over at the four-star Radisson Blu Hotel

You might want to upgrade the luxury further with a four-star pre-flight stop-over at Stansted Airport’s Radisson Blu hotel. Let your cup runneth over with luxury as you wine, dine and pamper yourself in the hotel’s renowned restaurants and spa – all in the knowledge your sound-proofed bedroom is just 500 yards from the airport terminal. We’ve got hotel parking packages, too – so we’ll take care of your car as you head down the covered walkway straight to the check-in desks.

Best seats in the house

Don’t spoil your flight by getting relegated to the cheap seats once you make it to the plane. Seats on exit rows can offer business class-like legroom, while those against bulkheads won’t be able to recline – make sure you get the best seats in the house by heading to Here, you’ll be able enter your flight number to locate a seating plan for your plane. Use this information to find the posh seats and pre-book them with your carrier. Many airlines charge a small premium for reserving the best seats, but the additional comfort is well worth the extra cash for any self-respecting wannabe VIP.

Bags of time

Luggage Mule instructions

Have your luggage collected from home and delivered to your hotel

With your parking and pre-flight accommodation taken care of, you certainly won’t want your progress hindered by playing suitcase dodgems in the crowded terminal. Problem solved with a great new service called Luggage Mule that picks up your bags from home and then delivers them direct to your destination hotel. It might be a totally VIP service, but the secret is that in many ‘cases’ it works out cheaper than flying with the luggage yourself. Luggage Mule says it’ll save you £100 on a 25kg suitcase compared with a return trip on RyanAir. Save cash – and cut the risk of suitcase-scarred ankles. Get a quote from Luggage Mule .

Security clearance

No VIP trip would be complete without a fast-track through the security lane. Bypass the queues with Stansted Airport’s Premium Departures service, which will cost the very un-VIP-like sum of just £4.00 per person. It’s worth remembering that airlines such as EasyJet also offer a similar service included with some tickets – so check before you buy. Book your fast-track service with the airport or carrier at least 24 hours before you travel. Get your fast-track ticket here.

Get lounging


Dodge the crowds and relax in the No1 Traveller Lounge Stansted Airport

Dodge the crowds and relax in the No1 Traveller Lounge Stansted Airport

Forget the dark glasses as you attempt to avoid the masses, simply take some VIP shelter in Stansted Airport’s exclusive No.1 Traveller lounge. Enjoy the space as you drink a complimentary glass of Champagne and read the daily papers over a light meal of your choice. You won’t need a celebrity’s bank balance to enjoy the peace and quiet, either – prices start from just £17.50. Book your Stansted Airport lounge here. By now, you should be feeling like you’ve just stepped from the pages of OK Magazine – and you’ve not even reached the end of the runway. It doesn’t have to stop as you soar away over the Essex countryside, either…

Holiday like a VIP

There’s no need to leave your VIP status at the boarding gate, here’s our guide to the holiday destinations where your pound packs the most punch. The stronger sterling is, the more spending power you have to holiday in luxury.

Spend like a VIP

The good news is that 2014 is looking like a great year to grab a bargain, thanks to the strengthening sterling against many currencies. In fact, prices have plummeted by 70% in 44 destinations surveyed by the Post Office.

This all has the pleasant side-effect of leaving more spare cash in your pocket to upgrade to more VIP-like accommodation, eat in the finest restaurants and take in visits and experiences.

So where should you be heading? Bali is the top destination, with a slump in the Indonesian rupiah to thank. This means meals, drinks and other such items are 19% cheaper in 2014 – almost 50% cheaper than Malaysia or Mauritius.

Other great destinations for chasing VIP spending power include Jamaica, Japan and the Gambia where prices are down by 32% compared with last year.

Europe is a reasonable destination, too, with Portugal providing the best VIP potential – with prices slipping by 18% in the Algarve. This means Portugal is officially the Eurozone’s cheapest, but one of the most beautiful destinations of 2014.

Cheapest destinations for 2014

Book here for great VIP spending opportunities at these destinations served by Stansted Airport
1 Algarve, Portugal
2 Prague, Czech Republic
3 Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
4 Costa del Sol, Spain
5 Marmaris, Turkey

For that (very) special occasion…

Celebrating a special birthday, anniversary etc? Then why not consider the ultimate in VIP travel – a private jet from Stansted. There’s no finer way to join the jet-set…

Hire a private jet from Stansted Airport

Hire a private jet to really VIP that trip: Image credit

Stansted – Paris: Settle down in a Cessna 510 Mustang private jet, and prepare for a 51-minute VIP flight from Stansted to Paris. VIP-ing your trip won’t get posher than this.
Cost: £3,114 per passenger

Or maybe a little cheaper, please…

If a one-way ticket approaching £3k is a little steep, then why not consider an ‘empty leg’ ticket. Private jets typically take passengers on a one-way trip, leaving the plane empty when it returns home. Save up to 65% on full fares by hitching a ride on one these so-called ‘empty leg’ flights. Here’s one from Paris to Stansted.

Paris – Stansted: Fly in a seven-seat King Air 200 private jet on a return trip from Paris to Stansted.
Empty leg cost: £900.00 per passenger (standard price from £3,000pp)
Empty leg details here

Don’t forget you’ll need a suitable hire car for when you arrive on holiday. Anyone heading to Italy?

Hire a Ferrari in Italy

Hire Ferrari in Italy

Heading to Italy? When in Rome… hire a Ferrari 458 Speciale #vip that trip

Top-up your VIP status on a trip from Stansted to Italy by hiring a 200mph Ferrari 458 Speciale for a few days.
Cost: £2310 for one day


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